Welcome to the personal blog of spanish modeler Juan Rodríguez del Barrio.

Current member of Real Liga Naval Española and former President of the Federación Española de Modelismo Naval.

Since many years has developed his passion to create complex ship models, from thousand pieces, and putting them all together inside bottles, using his own tools and techniques given by decades of expertise.

As you can appreciate, Juan introduces famous ships, always accompanied by a " Certificate of Guarantee ", specially attending to the type of recipient and the velamen composition.

When crafting every single model, the whole estructure and details are precisely reproduced.

The average construction time may vary between 1 and 3 years, depending of the model, and it takes from 1500 to 5000 hours.

All sizes are between 16 and 18 cm ( 6.2 " to 7.8 " ).

All the bottles are acquired from laboratories warehouses, and their mouth are shrinked to 28 mm ( 1.12 " ).

Most part of his models belongs to private collectionists and could be found spreaded all over the world.